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Temporary power generation
Diesel Generators
30 kVA Canopied Genset
60 kVA Canopied Genset
125 kVA Canopied Genset
200 kVA Canopied Genset
350 kVA Canopied Genset
500 kVA Canopied Genset
800 kVA Containerized Genset
1000 kVA Containerized Genset
1250 kVA Containerized Genset
Gas generators
Loadbank Rental
Transformer Rental
Fuel tank rental
Electrical distributors
Power plants
Project Lifecycle
In the News
Temperature control rental
160 kW air cooled chiller
200 kW air cooled chiller
700 kW air cooled chiller
800 kW air cooled chiller
Air handling units
15 kW air handling unit
100 kW air handling unit
300 kW air handling unit
500 kW air handling unit
Air conditioners
20 kW air conditioner
100 kW air conditioner
200 kW air conditioner
Cooling towers
CT2500 cooling tower
Fluid pumps
Heat exchangers
Aggreko Process Services
Contingency Planning
Case Studies
Cooling for steel plant
Cooling Luxury Developments
Cooling university facilities
Shopping mall comfort cooling
Cooling hospital laboratory
Cooling of luxury hotel
Airport construction cooling
Yemen Base-load Power
Power Generation, KSA
Persian Gulf Offshore
Equate Petrochemicals
Dubai Metro
Muscat Hypermarket
Cement Production, UAE
Sokoto Cement
Underground tunnel
Arizona Copper Mine
Cooling towers
Moving a monster excavator
Rig Restart
Schiphol Airport
Alabama Grocery distributor
Ship at Sea
Chad Oilfield
Brent Spar Case Study
German Army
Australia Mining Case Study
2002 FIFA World Cup Korea
NSYNC Celebrity Tour
Load Test
Mexico Platform
Petrochemical Process
European Refinery
Alkylation Unit Cooling
Propylene Recovery
Cargo Power
Angola Power Plant
Panay Island Power Plant
Offshore vessel Case Study
Russian Power Station
Hydro Electric Power
Beijing Olympic 2008
Pulp & paper plant
2010 FIFA World Cup
MPG Mexico
World Ski Championships
55th Presidential inauguration
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Temperature Overview
Power for Broadcast
Facilities Management
Food and Beverage
Government Services
Oil & Gas
Utility Power Generation
Utility Power Distribution
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Editor's Notes
Press Releases
Lebanon - Zahle project
Iraq Energy City
G3+ Generator
Dubai Rugby 7s 2012
Cement Power
UAE Charities
Airport Cooling
Abu Dhabi Pipeline
Swimming World Cup
Mission to Seafarers
Burj Khalifa Park
Dubai Rugby 7s 2011
London Olympics 2012
Dubai Rugby Sevens 2010
New manufacturing facility
2010 FIFA World Cup
Power to Meydan
Doha 2010 Games
FIFA Club World Cup, UAE
Saudi Electric Company
Health & Safety Award
Dubai International Boat Show 2008
Beijing Olympics
Power to Dubai Rugby 7s - 2009
Powering Rugby World Cup Dubai
Vancouver Olympic Games 2010
Oil Review Middle East
Cheerleaders 8-10
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