21 March 2017

Supplementary cooling for your downstream processes

Cooling tower performance can be improved by diverting a portion of the hot return water from the primary cooling tower to Aggreko’s rental towers, the water loading to the primary tower is reduced. The diverted water is cooled by the rental towers and returned to the basin of the primary tower. The combination of the extra capacity of the rental tower and the reduced water flow to the primary tower results in colder water temperatures. In many cases it is possible to achieve a 5 degree reduction or more in cooling water temperature.

Aggreko power and temperature control rental applications offer a convenient, reliable and cost effective way to meet your urgent, short term and long term power and cooling needs.

We have a wealth of experience in providing bespoke power packages and temperature control solutions to down stream oil and gas and petrochemicals.

With our wide range of generators ranging from 30 kVA to multi-megawatt and specialised chiller units, air conditioners, cooling towers, air handlers, fin fan coolers and heat exchangers, we can install a bespoke power and cooling package to suit your specific needs.

Our strategically placed depots located across the GCC, combined with our experienced engineers, ensure the most effective cooling solution for you and your team – we look forward to helping your business.