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HVAC chiller rental

Aggreko’s air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers offer a broad choice of convenient and effective water cooling options. In addition to chiller units, we also offer air-handling equipment for HVAC applications. The reliability of our systems has helped establish us as leaders in the chiller rental sector across the Middle East.

Transportation and the conditions that exist during rental operations can place extreme demands on equipment. Our chiller rental units are built to last and have proved their ability to perform in the harshest of industrial settings, for example, cement works and batching plants across the Middle East. They are also used to provide supplemental, temporary or emergency cooling for high-volume applications in locations such as refineries and power stations, or to deliver district cooling on major construction projects.

Aggreko’s chillers are designed for water or water-glycol cooling. We supply these outdoor units completely assembled and ready for installation, including all the interconnecting refrigerant piping and internal wiring.

We have designed our chilled water systems for minimal environmental impact and they deliver excellent cooling performance using non-CFC refrigerants.

Flexible solutions

Aggreko offers water cooled chiller and air cooled chiller rental units in sizes from 160 to 800 kW. This range gives enormous flexibility in applications and makes it simple to ensure that our solutions are scaled to meet the specific needs of each customer.
Our product range includes chiller rental units with the following ratings:

Whether you need supplementary cooling for cold storage during periods of increased loading, facilities management solutions for a major event, a major district cooling solution or process cooling at your refinery or petrochemical plant, Aggreko has the solution.
Our sales and support network in the Middle East includes Aggreko bases in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah (UAE), Muscat (Oman), Doha (Qatar), Manama (Bahrain), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh and Yanbu (KSA) and Istanbul (Turkey).

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