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Aggreko Rental Power Plants act as a temporary power or interim power which in-turn helps to stabilise the local utilities power grid and provide additional energy to support local industry and communities which may be suffering from insufficient power supplies. Aggreko is a leading provider of interim power to various power plants spread across the world. We provide flexible and quick rental power generation services. We use highest quality and safety standards for all our equipments and services. Our unique engineering and operations set-up ensure site mobilization and installation in quick time. These Rental power plants can be operated with the help of Diesel genset, Gas genset and other power plant equipment accessories. Aggreko can provide on-demand rental power in every emergency situation of individual private companies or national utilities, Aggreko ensures stability and effective emergency response to prevent expensive downtime.

Applications of Aggreko rental power plant:

  • Seasonal peak shaving
  • Temporary Power during project execution
  • Overcoming transmission and distribution limitations
  • Temporary Power during planned maintenance or unplanned outages
  • Temporary Power for construction or commissioning
  • Supplementing to the grid

Benefits of Aggreko rental power plant:

Rapid availability: Rental equipment is available at short notice and can be delivered and installed in the shortest possible time-frame to meet your interim / temporary / rental power needs.

Turn-key power solutions: Our specialist services include everything from initial assessment of your needs to service back-up at your site.

Flexibility: The installed capacity of a rental power package can be increased or decreased incrementally and equipment can be rented on a short or long-term basis, depending on your interim / temporary /rental power needs.

Plug and Play:  User-friendly engine and generator control interface for high quality performance and quick response.

Limited capital expenditure: Renting power generation equipment eliminates the need for capital expenditure when purchasing equipment. It incurs no large down payments or interest costs and preserves your borrowing capacity.

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