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Temporary district cooling for airport construction, Qatar


C.A.T International, one of the oldest construction and trading firms in the Middle East, was prime contractor for the construction of the district cooling plant at the New Doha International Airport. The airport was being constructed on a strict schedule and the contractors working on the main cargo hanger required cooling for the main cargo hanger in order to complete the fit-out in time. For this reason, C.A.T required a temporary cooling solution to fill the gap until they were able to complete the construction of the main district cooling plant.


Aggreko was chosen to supply a 2,500 tonne chiller package complete with 5 MW of auxiliary power to provide district cooling to the cargo hanger during the construction stage of the New Doha International Airport.

Aggreko worked closely with the airport construction contractors from initial design stages through project approval, installation and commissioning, with Aggreko technicians working onsite to maintain the cooling package throughout the 13 month project.

Why was Aggreko selected?

Aggreko was able to build on the successful completion of previous projects with C.A.T., which included providing a cooling package for the Qatar Pearl development.

In addition, Aggreko’s extensive experience with temperature control meant that they were able to assist the customer with the smooth transition between temporary cooling and the permanent cooling package, minimising down-time.

There is absolutely nothing that I can name that was not up to our expectations. The service was excellent, the technicians were well skilled and Aggreko did a terrific job in installing the temporary plant despite the short notice and weather conditions.

Khaled Wehbe, Civil Engineer, C.A.T. International, Qatar