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Distributed Power Generation, KSA

Saudi Arabia's rapid infrastructure development is without parallel in the modern world: billions of dollars have been invested by the Saudi Arabian government in infrastructure projects, together with a rapidly expanding population and industrial base, which has inevitably resulted in increasing power needs across the country. At times the increased load has led to shortages, blackouts and power rationing in various parts of the country.

In order to meet the Kingdom's growing power demand the public utility Saudi Electric Company (SEC) implemented several power generation, transmission and distribution projects. Part of SEC's plans include providing interim distributed power generation solutions capable of delivering various power capabilities to any location in the country while the permanent infrastructure is expanded.

Since 1997, Aggreko has had an ongoing rental contract with SEC which has grown from one site to a series of projects at 14 locations across Saudi Arabia. The projects increase and decrease according to the additional capacity required by the grid and have averaged 40MW during the winter and 90MW in the summer.

By bolstering power supplies and reducing the incidence of load shedding, Aggreko has assisted SEC to provide sufficient power during the rapid growth of the country. Rental power from Aggreko has ensured that SEC has been able to provide the power necessary for the industries and communities that were being affected by the power shortages.

Why was Aggreko selected?

SEC required a rental power operator who could increase and decrease capacity in relation to the need for power and who could deliver power packages to locations throughout Saudi Arabia. Aggreko was able to rapidly provide power packages to the most remote corners of the country utilising its network of service centres and staff. By contracting Aggreko rather than purchasing the generator equipment, SEC ensure they had the flexibility to respond to increased demands on the utility grid, no matter where the power shortage occurred.

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