Case study: temporary power generation for oilfield

Construction of Oilfield Development Project

The challenge to the customer

The Chad/Cameroon oilfield project was a development of three oilfields located in a remote area of Southern Chad and the construction of a 1,070 kilometre pipeline linking Chad to a marine export terminal offshore Cameroon. When Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) was contracted to design and construct the production facilities, access to a secure and reliable power supply was vital.

Aggreko's solution: power generator rental

Aggreko supplied a 12 MW / 6.6kV power generation package during construction of the oilfield facility. Fifty-six generators installed around the site supplied power for fabrication, construction and life support facilities including the specially built work camps that provided construction workers with basic support such as meals, lodging, showers, laundry and medical care. With voltages on the site ranging from 110V to 400V, a tailor made distribution system provided 65 various distribution boards and small transformers. Extra equipment was supplied at short notice after the client requested additional power to assist in construction and commissioning of the central oilfield facility and help achieve early oil production from the field.

Benefits to the customer

Aggreko employees on site received the ESSO Chad Construction Quarterly Award for quality and excellence. The award was given in recognition of the commitment and dedication shown by the Aggreko team, the 24 hour a day on site availability, their expertise when working in such difficult conditions, and the ability to supply extra equipment at short notice.

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Power generator rental solution for oilfield project

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