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Power Rental Sustains Gas Production, Monclova, Mexico

Monclova Pirineo Gas (MPG) is a consortium that provides maintenance services for various gas fields operated by Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). During exploration of the Cuenca de Burgos gas field, PEMEX was experiencing significant power supply interruptions to their main gas treatment plant.

Due to these power shortages, gas was being continuously discharged into the atmosphere, contributing to the high risk of acid rain in the region. MPG began conducting maintenance, which triggered a need for reliable temporary power.

Power Rental

Aggreko provided a turn-key 2.4 MW gas-fuelled power rental solution to MPG. A 1.2 MW generator supplied power directly to the treatment plant while an additional 1.2 MW generator was placed on standby. Aggreko also provided all cabling, ancillaries and distribution panels as well a full SCADA system that logged the functions of every generator, the site’s total power, temperature and humidity for future data use. Aggreko designed and commissioned the power rental package, allowing MPG to conduct the required maintenance without incurring any production losses or plant operation downtime.

Why was Aggreko Chosen to Supply Power?

A bid process was put in place in which MPG analysed both purchase and rental options. Despite the customer having committed to purchasing generators, Aggreko was able to put forward a compelling proposal which showed the plant could operate at 98.8% reliability with the provision of backup generator. A rental versus purchase analysis was developed to show the high capital cost of the purchase options which resulted in the customer opting for a rental solution and selecting Aggreko for the job.

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"Our decision to hire Aggreko was based on their extensive record of successful projects worldwide. From the moment the 2.4 MW plant was installed, the plant operated with reliability higher than 99.99%. If not for Aggreko, we would have incurred over 240 blackouts operating with power from the national power grid. MPG strongly recommends Aggreko for power generation services."

Armando Carrillo T. Director – Purchasing and Procurement Monclova Pirineo Gas S. de R.L de C.V .