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Substituting for the entire cooling-tower needs of a European refiner

The challenge to the customer

Veba, a refinery industry enterprise, processes petroleum into well-known fuels and the waste products into asphalt, bitumen and fertilisers. They required to undertake a 22.3 MW cooling project, and turned to Aggreko's dedicated sales professionals and technicians for assistance. 

Aggreko's solution: cooling tower rental

During the four-week project, Aggreko sent an enormous fleet of cooling towers to Gelsenkirchen to cool 1500 m3/hr (52,500 ft3/hr) from 36° to 24° C (97° to 75° F). Additional cooling towers were brought in to increase the total equipment to 15 cooling towers, 27 pumps, 4km (2.5 miles) hose with a two-week setup.

Veba indicated that Aggreko, noted as a supplier of complete temporary solutions in this area, was able to provide the continuous cooling support needed by supplying temporary cooling towers. Aggreko took over the complete power supply, starting from medium-high voltage.

The benefits to the customer

Veba was pleased with Aggreko's reliable and innovative service. The alternative, refrigeration machines, would have meant higher costs with greater power consumption and more intensive support requirements when compared to the cooling tower solution which was implemented.


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