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Chilled water process application for petrochemical plant, Kuwait


Equate Petrochemicals, a joint venture with Dow Chemicals, was planning for a major shutdown of their manufacturing plant for a period of 30 days in order to perform an overhaul of their facility. However, this meant that the existing sea water cooling system would not be operational during the shutdown and would not be able to service the air separation plant, resulting in an extended start-up period for the facility.


Aggreko provided a 26.2 MW cooling solution consisting of six 600kW chillers and nine 2.5 MW cooling towers, along with hoses, valves, gaskets and ancillaries during the turn-around period and dismantling of site. The project was completely turn-key, with Aggreko designing, installing and commissioning the project, as well as providing operations and maintenance support.

The project was complicated by the existing equipment in the facility, which meant that extreme care had to be taken to execute the project in time and to ensure the facility maintained a constant temperature. In addition, once the project began, it became necessary for Aggreko to provide approximately 20% more cooling capacity than agreed in the original technical specification. Due to Aggreko's worldwide network of depots, the equipment was quickly shipped to site and commissioned.

Because of Aggreko's cooling solution, Equate was able to keep portions of the plant operational during the overhaul, resulting in drastically reduced start-up time when they resumed operations.

Why was Aggreko selected?

With 26.2 MW of cooling needed, this was the largest temporary cooling project in the Middle East, and Equate knew they needed a reliable solution to ensure that their planned shutdown would not need to be extended. Aggreko's reputation for quality and reliability gave Equate the confidence of knowing that their partner for temperature control would work with them to ensure that the manufacturing facility would be up and running in the shortest possible timeframe.


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