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Temporary power and cooling solutions for luxury hotel development in Dubai, UAE


The construction contractors in charge of a new luxury hotel in Dubai asked Aggreko to provide temporary power and cooling solutions for the interior fit phase of the building’s construction programme. The building was a 280m-tall tower landmark development in the Dubai Creek area

The project had to be conducted against a very tight deadline, with the provision of wild air and auxiliary power on the construction site. The primary application was to support cooling services to enable interior fit out within the hotel building.


Aggreko provided cooling using two 200TR air-cooled chillers. The chilled water supply from the units was fed directly into the client system. We also delivered auxiliary power through a 1000kVA generator and a 1250kVA generator.

Why was Aggreko selected?

The Aggreko cooling solution was in place and provided uninterrupted temporary cooling solutions for a period of 18 months. During this time, the client was able to install high-quality interior fittings and meet the agreed project timeline in terms of progress, completion and handover.

This project and others conducted for the hotel sector, underline the contribution that Aggreko rental products and services can make when customers encounter difficulties due to delays caused by local utility providers or the unavailability of permanent cooling services.



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