Comfort cooling at Muscat's shopping mall | Aggreko

Temporary power and cooling solutions to maintain customer comfort in shopping mall, Muscat


A mall operator needed an Aggreko solution to support their existing chiller systems and maintain the cool chill water temperature in their circuit over the summer months. One of the mall’s permanent chillers was scheduled for replacement and the facility operator wanted to ensure that rising temperatures would not drive away shop customers. One of the key challenges for this particular installation was the restricted space available due to malls existing system.


Aggreko Oman provided temporary power and cooling solutions to for a mall-operator in Muscat. The mall operator was using three permanent chillers of 600TR each, which were running continuously. To provide support for one of the 600TR chiller which was due to be outfitted, Aggreko supplied a solution by providing a 400TR system that would deliver 6 deg.C leaving water temperature.

Aggreko provided the necessary chilled water for the customer’s system, the units were situated outside the chiller room (two 750 kW air-cooled chillers complete with pumps, buffer tank and chilled water pipework).

Why was Aggreko selected?

Adapting Aggreko's custom made solution, the customer obtained the desired temperature of 6 deg. C for water leaving the chillers’ common manifold. This corresponded to a 2 deg C decrease in chill water temperature and enabled the system to maintain normal temperatures in the mall. Achieving the desired 24 deg C air temperature resulted in normal shopping customer flows and enabled the mall operator to safeguard business levels which was very important to the mall operator.



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