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Power Generation & Temperature Control

Aggreko provides rental of temporary power generation equipment and solutions to customers who need power and / or temperature control equipment and services either very quickly, or for a short period of time.

We do this on a global basis from over 202 locations around the world. Last year we served customers in more than 100 countries. In the Middle East we provide 24/7 service from 11 locations.

The power generation and temperature control rental solutions we provide range from the simple to the very complex, for example:

  • base-load and peaking power for entire cities in times of shortage
  • multi-megawatt contracts to help maintain production in cement works and batching plants
  • emergency power and de-humidification following natural disasters
  • rental of air conditioning, chilling or cooling for office buildings on a temporary basis, factories or oil and gas plants after a breakdown
  • rental of a generator over a weekend for a music concert

Aggreko is the largest specialist power generation and chiller rental company in the world, and we are focussed on one thing: serving our customers by providing exceptional levels of service and reliability.

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