Generator & Cooling for Oil Refineries

Rental Power for Oil Refining

Aggreko is the world leader in rental power and temperature control solutions to the oil refining industry.

Our solutions help our customers keep production and profitability flowing while delivering valuable time and cost savings.

Using our unrivalled fleet of power packages, chillers and cooling towers we have developed turnkey solutions to meet a wide range of industry challenges such as seasonal process cooling, shutdown and maintenance management, disaster recovery and cooling tower replacement.

Our skilled engineers and technicians can help you to:

  • Improve process throughput
  • Deal with emergencies and planned outages
  • Resolve seasonal process cooling limitations
  • Solve de-bottlenecking process and operation limitations.
  • Manage catalyst change-out
  • Emergency cooling tower replacement
  • Shutdown and turnaround power and HVAC
  • Supplemental air to process units
  • Temporary cooling during repairs and turnarounds
  • Thermal discharge temperature relief.

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