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Rental power for events

Rental power supports the growth of major events in the Middle East

Ten years ago, the idea of hosting a World Cup in the Middle East would have been dismissed out of hand by many sporting enthusiasts. However, development of sporting infrastructure around the Gulf, the construction of specially devoted sports cities, and the successful hosting of many major events has led many to rethink their perceptions of the Middle East as a sporting destination. With Qatar having submitted bids for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups (and winning the bid for the latter), as well as the 2020 Olympic Games, one of the a key logistical challenges of proving that the Middle East can host major sporting events is ensuring the availability of a consistent and sufficient power supply.

Major events require an immense amount of power; even when power supplies in the host country are sufficient, organisers need to provide a back-up power supply for all aspects of the event. The power supply for major events in the Middle East is a particular concern because many proposed events, such as the Qatar’s Olympic bid, would be scheduled to take place in summer when the local power providers are already under immense strain because of the constant use of air conditioning.

In order to guarantee the power supply for major events, organisers have had a ready-made solution to turn to: temporary power. The use of a temporary power solution means that organisers can have a tailored supply that meets the exact needs of the event. A turn-key rental power provider will not only supply the equipment that is needed, but will work with the organisers to design a bespoke power solution. This includes the distribution of the power from the generators to the various areas which require power, a challenging task which requires the engineering of hundreds of kilometres of cable runs throughout the event. Some of the world’s most high profile events, including the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the 2009 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and, most recently, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, have been supported by the supply of temporary power packages by the world’s largest rental power provider, Aggreko.

Aggreko, with 11 depots operating across the Middle East, also has a great deal of experience in the Middle East, having provided temporary power packages to some of the most prestigious events in the region including the opening ceremony of Atlantis Hotel on the Dubai Palm.