How can you increase your District cooling plants efficiency?

Aggreko Rental Cooling towers reduce condenser water temperatures on centrifugal water cooled chillers to increase the TR capacity output of the DC plant.      

DCP cooling towers performance and downstream water cooled condenser temperatures, on your water cooled chillers can be vastly improved by diverting a portion of hot water return flow over Aggreko’s rental mobile Cooling towers. The water loading to the primary tower is reduced allowing for increased surface area which in turn drives an increase in efficiency.                                       

The diverted water is cooled by Aggreko’s rental cooling towers and returned to the basin of the primary District cooling plant. The combination of extra cooling capacity by the rental towers and the reduced water flow to the primary towers results in colder water temperatures to the water cooled chiller condensers thus reducing high condenser pressures allowing the clients cooling plant to remain in or under design conditions. In many cases it is possible to achieve a 5 degree reduction in cooling water temperatures.

Contact Us to know more about how Aggreko can bring more benefit in your plants process: 

  • during augmentation and supplementing your DCP Towers.
  • for reduction of maintenance costs and maintenance intervals.
  • to increase plant and tower life expectancy.
  • to reduce or eliminate penalties for not delivering as per scope.

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